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I wanted to take some time to share a few things with the community in regards to upcoming updates and our direction as a game.

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It is with great privilege that I write to you today. I wanted to share a few things with the community in regards to upcoming updates and our direction as a game. So marking the end of our first year being live, we have taken up the task of looking at ourselves in the mirror and making some gameplay decisions that come out of a year of learning and observing the players. We're grown so, so much in the last 12 months, and we intend to keep going with constant changes and an ever-growing game!

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With that, i'd like to first mention some upcoming features in the coming months..

New Village: Hidden Rain Village


To anyone who has been paying attentrion, it is clear the Hidden Rain Village's release is approaching- with most of the mapping already done (check our Youtube Channel to see more!) which paves the way for content, systems, and cosmetics to start being designed for this village. We have even begun adding changes to the player model to bring forward a more updated and higher quality player customization experience!

This village will be selectable when first creating a character, but you will also have the option to defect to any opposing village (and vice versa). This will allow us to technically be at 3 factions - Leaf, Rogue, and Rain, giving us a nice spread to explore what direction we wish to expand the lands into, but it will also put us at 3 lands being unlocked so far: Fire, Waves, and soon Rain!

New Masteries


Masteries are one of the ways we can keep the game fresher feeling - when we add new playstyles and counterplay for everyone to learn, but also to flesh out the world more and give players all the tools to make a truly custom ninja, especially since now we have branching masteries! The next two masteries that will be released in the upcoming patch will be Ice Style Ninjutsu, and Lava Style Ninjutsu! Our intent is to add more and more, until we eventually have almost everything, and once we have made almost absolutely all types of jutsu from the original material, we will begin to develop masteries we crafted ourselves!

Also, summoning!

Player Housing


Have you ever met a player who hated player housing? I haven't - and this is perhaps a feature I am most excited about! Players will be able to buy an instanced plot of land (which changes depending on where your house is located at, similar to OSRS), and start building! We want all the tools to be there for players to create houses, towns, cities, organization towns, organization bases, restaurants, roleplaying scenes, private meeting spaces, and even random works of art - the choice will be fully yours!

You will be able to pick which of your friends can co-build, who can enter, and even who is blocked from your house; I think this will unlock the game's potential even further.. stay tuned - Our goals for this game stretch far, and we are doing great with the team of our size - we're in it for the long run!

We're going to be a splendid game! 165-1653113_png-stiker-stikers-rocklee-n

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lease answer the survey questions here!
A random voter will get 20 [Reverse Summoning Scrolls]

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