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The Adventure/Platformer receives a fairly big update, a new trailer, and some release details...

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Shin Samurai Jazz (Demo Version)

Here are the changes that have been made since the last update to the demo:

  • Attack animations have been updated
  • A blood splatter has been added
  • A "puff" graphical effect has been applied to jumping and dashing maneuvers
  • It is now possible to change direction during an attack combination
  • Wall jumping has been slightly tweaked for smoother control
  • Dashing can also be performed by a single button press (J or C on the keyboard and by clicking the left analogue stick, hitting B, or the left trigger on the Xbox 360 controller)
  • The left analogue stick on the Xbox 360 controller can be used for movement
  • The "Y' button on the Xbox 360 controller can be used as an alternative "interact" button
  • Player character can sustain a little more damage/has slightly more health
  • Falling speed is slightly slower
  • Zombies and ghosts bounce back a little when colliding with player character

Here is the latest trailer:

The final version of the game should be seeing a release within the next two weeks or so. It will initially be released on for $2.99 with releases elsewhere following soon after.

Check back for a release date and if you would like to see this game available on Steam, please give it an upvote on it's Greenlight page here:

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