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SHFB, a brand new puzzle platformer, released on iOS!

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SHFB launched with over 70 puzzles, hidden secrets, four worlds, two endings, and improved controls (from the beta version some of you may have played).

Three main mechanics made it into the final game:

  1. Change the color of the world to make blocks of that color phase out of existence. Blocks of other colors will phase back in.
  2. Your character's color can be changed, allowing you to pass through objects of the same color. This is introduced in World 3, The Blockade.
  3. Glass panels allow you to change the color of specific sections of the world, allowing you phase objects out in specific spots. This mechanic is introduced in World 4, The Laboratory. The mechanic is shown below.

Glass Mechanic

In addition to these major mechanics, different types of game objects allow for a wide variety of interesting puzzles that interact in interesting ways with the mechanics.


The final version has vastly improved controls and associated UI than what was previously posted to IndieDB! Check out the new slider based UI:


Additionally, controller support was added for anybody that has a MFI controller for their iPhone! Woohoo!


The Good:
So far, players response has been overwhelmingly positive, which has been a huge relief! The game has a 5 star rating on the App Store as well as from Touch Arcade users! Here are some of the comments from Touch Arcade users:

  • "Love it. Great writing, art, music, and definitely puzzles."
  • "This game is something special. supercharming characters, smart and fair puzzles, so much polish here!"

The Bad:
A lot of people hate the game's name. Many players commented they almost didn't check the game out because of this! Yikes! I've also been informed that still screenshots of the game are not appealing - nothing of the game's personality or puzzle design comes through in them. My current plan to address this is to improve the environment art. Hopefully it'll make screenshots more appealing!


While Super Happy Fun Block is complete, there's still a lot of work to be done! My first priority is to port the game to other platforms (especially Android). Work is also being done on a mini-expansion, with a much bigger expansion planned later in the year. The mini-expansion will add some new puzzles to the game, including content that will more directly tie the secrets into the main story! This mini-expansion will be released along with the Android version of the game. It will also include visual improvements mentioned above. Current plans for the big expansion are: A new world with a new color mechanic and a level editor with Twitter integration for sharing levels!

While work continues, there's a lot you can do to support Super Happy Fun Block!

Thanks for your support!

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