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The download for the Shattered Worlds:War-Torn version 1.4 client. Voted one of the Top 100 mods of 2009 by and featured in PC gaming magazines such as PC Gamer and PC Action, the SWWT mod is one of the premiere Freelancer mods currently available.

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Featuring full single player campaign compatibility and access to an
active free multi-player server, version 1.4 creates a whole new gaming
experience by adding extensive new content and massive upgrades to the
Freelancer engine.

It doesn't matter if you're new to Freelancer or a veteran who has been
around the block, the SWWT mod has something for you. Try it, you will
not be disappointed!

"I just got through playing Shattered Worlds: War Torn in single
player storyline mode. Whoa! The graphics, the ships, the enhancements,
awesome!... [THIS]
mod can go down as one of the best mods in
" - Richard Henderson
"Shattered Worlds: War-torn its the most amazing mod ever....!!!

Better than Discovery.." -Soham Ray
"All I have to say is Shwang!!!" -Fantom13
"I've been playing SP for the last couple of hours, and I must
say... WOW! ;D I'm just as blown away as I was pretty
much this time last year, with the release of 1.2. I'm loving the
-Illogical Lemon

"Love the graphics, and the new design of the whole thing..i must say
totally new experiance.."
-Razor Blade
"I've just played my first hour of SWWT SP. And I'm impressed,
very impressed, with what you have done with the game. And that's just
my opinion about the looks of the game and the feeling of the controls, I
haven't even started to explore the rest of the mod.

Although I've finished vanilla two times before, I'm now really eager
to play the game again before I go out there and try the MP."
"I play this mod last night in SP mode : AMAZING !!! Game
Experience is enhance very well with this mod, and the storyline is much
-Ezekiel Akira
"Only thing comes to mind- AWESOME! The hard work put into this
new mod really shows. Thanks for making it public... "
"The mod is great. I have finished SP. That was very nice
experience. It is not so hard. Last time I did SP campaign years ago in
disco 4.84, and if I remember well how it was, I must say your mod is
easier but much more interesting and fun. Everything you need, you can
loot during missions. NPC's are well balanced, guns are deadly enough.
Fights are fast, game is much faster than vanilla. Missions are well
payable. I didn't have to trade or mine to develop Trent to higher
level. I fought only, all game time. Outlook of the game is great, of
course compare to vanilla or other mods. "
"one of THE best Freelancer mods I have ever played and have
enjoyed the large amounts of graphical improvements the Devs have placed
into this mod. "
"This is a major overhaul, the whole feel of the game is
awesome. I love the ship reballance, no longer will everyone need to fly
a very heavy fighter to be competitive. The mining system is a great
idea. Over all a stella mod "
"With the vets I've played along side and the newbies getting
into it because of the mod, it is truly an amazing community and
product. If you're looking for a mod that is simply amazing, I really
recommend this mod. It's simply the best out there. "

"I'm a veteran of Freelancer. I've owned the game since it came out and
sampled every major mod to be released. Shattered Worlds is in my
opinion a triumph. Excellent balancing and ship additions make for a
more varied scenery in combat, and the mining system is by far the best
I've ever encountered. While adding a great many things to Freelancer,
there's still a very strong presence of the original game which provides
an excellent blend of the old and the new.
" -Tio Holtzmann

"I've played multiple MMO's and RP'd on several places, but this is by
far one of the most immersive and dedicated Mods to Freelancer. To be
honest the look feel and game-play don't actually make it feel like a
Mod but the expansion to Freelancer.
" -Serrated

"I would say that this is the best mod that has ever been released! Its
balance is amazing, and it has very unique features in it. I give this
server a 10/10! Funnest server I have ever played! "

"This mod is absolutely beautiful. The new graphic effects are
stunning. And don't forget the balance system that is used so everyone
has an even footing in the game. "

"This mod is easily one of the best, and most encompassing of all --
The balancing is done in such a way that making enemies even with the
Rogues will have you fighting for your life, if you're not careful. "
Isn't it cool? Download here now!

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