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The first free game update for Shattered Origins is now available. Let's take a look at its content!

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Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity has been released a little more than a month ago, and since then we received lots of valuable feedback from our loyal fans. The first update, as will all following updates, contains fixes and content updates. Let's take a look at the fixes first:


- Fixed a rare switch screen bug
- Added non-hangar repair functionality to survival mode
- Normal survival mode is now a bit harder
- Crystal amount is now properly displayed at all times
- Fixed an AI glitch related to the escort mission
- Fixed mining drone related graphics issues
- Reduced ship hit sphere radius
- Tooltips are now available during tower defense
- Fixed a rare crash during tower defense
- Holding the crosshair at the center is now easier
- Mouse movement speed is now adjustable from in-game

Adjustable mouse speed

We know some of the requested features are not inthere. Believe me, our to-do list is long, and we are working hard to provide a better experience with each update.

Now let's take a look at the content additions, there are few, but it will add to the gameplay:


- New skirmish map: 'First Experiment'
- New survival map: 'Survival - Hard'

New Map:

The new skirmish map, "First Experiment" is a story-related skirmish map, explaining the story behind the main menu battle of Shattered Origins.

Survival - Hard is a survival in the third sector. Aside from the regular survival mechanics and the even more aggressive enemies, the trader center is also available, where you can purchase additional equipment.

That's all really cool, but how do I get this free update?

Oh, did I forget to mention that? You just need to run your full version of Shattered Origins, and it gets downloaded automatically. Yeah, it's that simple!

As usual

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