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Shadow of Fear is a Total Conversion Mod. Lots of Choices can be done. Choose every Factions you like to play, be a Fighter, Bounty Hunter, Engineer, Criminal or Alien, trade, explore, protect and try to survive. Bots and players will hunt you, hired wingmen will protect you, friendly Factions will support you or just hide in a station or capital ship piloted by your human comrad or clan brother. But never think that you might be alone... the Shadow of Fear.

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Welcome to Chapter 1: Beyond Sirius

Shadow of Fear Chapter I Beyond Sirius a Freelancer Modification

On the 3rd of june 2013 the Shadow of Fear Version 2.0 Build 8841 open beta was released.
The Shadow of Fear Team wishes you as much fun playing SoF as we had while creating it !
We need your help in reporting bugs at:

Please Enjoy the mod and remember "Safe Flying"

The Video Section contains what you are probably looking for!

-Your Shadow of Fear Development Team

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