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Just a quick update with some shader work from this weekend. Trying to work out a nice cloaking shader. Have a look at the vid.

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This is just a quick update video. I'm trying to come up with a nice cloaking effect, here's an interim version that shows summed noise maps with a threshold value. Not quite happy with it to be honest.

EDIT: Ok, fixed up the normals so that the shader does a proper refraction cloaking thing now.

The cloaking effect will be used with a cloaking device used to infiltrate enemy corporate bases while gathering intelligence.

BrainCandy - - 141 comments

Looking very nice! Can't wait to see those shaders in effect in the game !

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zoombapup Author
zoombapup - - 69 comments

I've fixed the refraction now so that it correctly appears as a cloak effect. But I'm just not that happy with the transition. Havent been able to find a nice transition effect in other games yet either.

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raymix - - 50 comments

The voice in video: are you the guy who's programming zombie AI on :)

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zoombapup Author
zoombapup - - 69 comments

Yeah, amongst other things. Although the zombie game got killed by Sony when I did a presentation to them a year or so ago. Now I've reused a lot of the AI I've done for that to implement the various brains of the AI guys in Damzel.

Zombies are easy really :) But not very smart or interesting.

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