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Hello again

I am happy to announce that we are getting back to work on the mod. We have some news for the mod’s future to share.

First off, we are remaking chapter 2 “Down in the gutter. We got some feedback on our playtesters that the first and second chapter started way to quickly. So we decided to write a new part to the story.

I’m also happy to announce that we have a new member on our team who will be modeling and porting the models to source.

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Created by shadept!
We’re still looking for some concept artist for game environment and character design.

Our team wants to show the half life community a new era in half life that’s never been seen before.

If you wanna help us with this we still need some members who can help us with the following.

Coder- must know how to make custom npcs and weapons.

3d modeler- must know basic modeling for props. And we need someone who can rig to make custom models for npcs.

concept artist- Creature/humans. detail props. Game environment.

Music composer- for background music.

To help you must be familiar to one of roles in any category.

(example if your a concept artist but you only know how to draw creatures. That’s fine too! You don’t have to know how to do it all.)


Le epique

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