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Introducing Wolfenstein 3D Second Encounter Deluxe Edition: the ultimate conversion of the console/Mac family of Wolfenstein, with rebalanced gameplay, a sleek new art style, and 101 must-play classic levels. Only for LZWolf.

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Wolfenstein 3D: Second Encounter Deluxe Edition

Including Third Encounter and Halten Sie! by Laz Rojas

A total conversion for LZWolf by Executor

I am proud to present Wolfenstein 3D: Second Encounter Deluxe Edition, a total conversion of the "Mac Family" of Wolfenstein 3D to the LZWolf source port, available for Windows, Mac, or Linux machines. As many Wolfenstein 3D players know, the console, Macintosh, and Apple IIgs versions of the game shipped with a new set of 30 levels optimized for the Super Nintendo version's hardware limitations, but compensating with new weapons and features. This mapset was popularly known as Second Encounter after the title of the first full-length Macintosh version of the game, and has been converted several times to the PC. This particular port combines the best of the Mac and PC feature sets, plus new features from the LZWolf source port, for the richest, most exciting rendition of Second Encounter yet seen.


The flamethrower and rocket launcher weapons introduced with Second Encounter have been tweaked to make them much more fun and practical to use, with unique gibbing and burning death animations to make bringing out the new weapons a real event. The bosses, too, have been tweaked for more distinctive, memorable, and challenging fights. All this is wrapped up in a slick new art style and color palette combining elements of the PC and Super Nintendo versions of Wolfenstein 3D for a slightly darker and grittier atmosphere that still retains the original game's charm.


But the fun doesn't end with Second Encounter this time! Wolfenstein 3D Second Encounter Deluxe Edition also includes Third Encounter, a set of converted versions of the original 60 PC levels, exclusive to the Mac version, sold separately by MacPlay Entertainment. These levels are almost--but not quite!--the same as the original six episodes, but with enough novelty to keep veteran Wolfers on their toes. And if that's not enough, you can try the conversion of the legendary Mac Wolfenstein mod Halten Sie! by Laz Rojas, based on Laz's own PC version of the set with the Mac features (and a map cut from the PC version) restored by AstroCreep. Halten Sie! is a challenging level set that will put those who have already beaten the Second and Third Encounters to the test through 11 maps full of punishing ambushes and large-scale battles. In all, Second Encounter Deluxe Edition offers 101 essential Wolfenstein levels in a package small enough to fit on one of those old-fashioned 3.5" floppy disks.

WDC definitions

And on top of all that, Second Encounter Deluxe Edition also includes a set of WDC definitions allowing you to make Third Encounter-style maps, but including many features and assets from the PC version of Wolfenstein, including moving guards. And on top of that I have drawn a entire set of new 64-color tiles for the editor that make editing maps much easier on the eyes than the primitive default tiles included with most editors.

Second Encounter: Deluxe Edition is only for the LZWolf source port, and can be loaded either by dragging and dropping the pk3 onto your LZWolf executable, or from the command line "lzwolf --file second_enc_deluxe.pk3". The full PC version of Wolfenstein is required; this is not a stand-alone game.

Download now (1.22 MB)

Second Encounter Deluxe Edition v0.99

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