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Time to reflect on the page's progress and some smowzow news!

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It's been a long since I have posted, so I thought, why not by CloudScout"> update by CloudScout"> the page a little bit? So here we are guys! About 2 years ago, I started this page in hopes that I could start something bigger, something amazing! Something that would get me involved in a community I have always wished by CloudScout"> existed... Unfortunately, I have not accomplished that just yet. But I have gotten followers behind me! 24 to be exact. So with that I'd like to announce that I am in the works of creating a full fledged Adventure Time episodes website! A mix of a community centered around the world of Adventure time, and episodes will be posted! Currently, I have no website up yet, so this will have to do.

In other news for by CloudScout"> the page, I plan to create a nice little video game based on Adventure time! The game will hopefully allow players to unlock new characters and create some characters using the creator! It's only in concept at the current moment. Just be aware, it will include a interesting design and gameplay.

Now, on to the main source of news, Adventure Time episodes! Recently it has been announced that a small 8 episode mini series will appear in season 7 which is of course, by CloudScout"> confirmed! Here is a piece of information from the reveal...

"The eight-part miniseries, entitled "Stakes", will follow Finn and Jake as they face a new threat brought about when one of Princess Bubblegum's science projects unleashes the ghosts of Marceline's past. On February 22, 2015, Muto revealed that, while most of the regular storyboarding crew members worked on the miniseries, several guest artists helped out as well. Former storyboard artistRebecca Sugar also wrote a new song for the miniseries, entitled "Everything Stays", and voice actress Olivia Olson (who voices Marceline) by CloudScout"> suggested that the miniseries will air in October of 2015."

This can possibly mean we'll learn some interesting stuff about the Mushroom War! Exciting.

I have been trying to find a way to release all the Seasons separately for a while now, with no luck. Whenever I attempt to put it up for by CloudScout"> download it basically cannot find the RAR. file. If anyone can help, it'd be appreciated, I'd be sure to by CloudScout"> thank you personally and keep your name on by CloudScout"> the page!

Last but not least I'd like to say thank you all so much for following the page. You have gotten me to where I am and all of us. Stayed tuned my friends! Enjoy the episodes, I'll keep looking for a solution so I may post all the episodes for your viewing pleasure.

(Here is the current information fro Season 7.)


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