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New version released! New hero- Zabuza, joins the game!

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Season 1 features a completely new character- Zabuza. We also made Haku playable, balancing his skills; he is now on par with the other ninja. The Great Naruto Bridge is now in NTSD as well!
Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future.

That is not all of course! You can check out the full changelist here:

- Zabuza- new character!
- Haku now playable
- Rocks and Logs no longer fly down on the battlefield
- added sounds to Tsunade

- stealth bug damage increased
- easier to create crawling spiders
- spiders won't hit Deidara while in Bird mode
- dogs move slower
- dragon damage decreased
- swamp time decreased
- sand coffin reworked
- fly chakra cost decreased
- sand burial damage increased
- scythe throw pulls enemies better
- added combo usage
- press Attack during scythe throw, counter to use Rapid Slash
- press Jump during scythe throw, rapid slash to use Counter
- press Defend during scythe throw, rapid slash, counter to use Cut Down
- added Z-axis maneuverability to Tail Grab, decreased range
- Hiruko head is no longer an item; Sasori doesnt get injured during transformation
- less Iron Needles, faster cast time
- tail counter damage increased
- added Z-axis maneuverability to mangekyou sharingan
- exploding clone mana decreased
- Amaterasu rebinded to D^J
- Tsyukyomi can no longer be canceled by user
- added Z-axis maneuverability to Double Gatsuga
- mana cost added to riding Akamaru bite and dash
- movement speed decreased
- Rinnengan counter damage increased
- Triple Hakke Palm damage increased
-decreased Chakra steal amount
Rock Lee:
- Drinking time decreased
- Ground Slam area decreased
- added Z-axis maneuverability to choke grab
-removed D^J,AD,AJ
- DvA now commands all monsters to use thier ability at once
- increased Clone Water Prison mana cost
- decreased Tidal Wave damage
- decreased Ice Attack damage
- decreased Needle damage
- F>A throws only one needle
- rebinded some skills
- mana costs reworked
- Water attack deals more damage
- press Jump during Summon Mirror to summon an additional one behind Haku or Attack to summon one in front
- Ice Shackles trap time reduced
- Ice Shackles area changed
- Haku is now targetable while in mirrors
- while in mirror, pressing attack now always throws 3 needles

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