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SEASMOD 3.6 Is out! you can download it from Para-welt or just from here =)

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SEASMOD 3.6.2 Beta (6 February 2011) by the Team


- Fixed Tarna's riders & Dunkleosteus guard
- Added sounds to them
- Now SEAS have their own waypoint flag
- Fixed the Point Buy menu (Tarna's riders were missing)
- Fixed the campaign menu for starting a SEAS-modded mission (4.1 and 4.2)
- Updated translations
- Fixed quotes.txt

- Fixed some things, for example Tarnas resurrect ability
- Updated italian translation, polish and french are still missing
- Fixed german and english translation
- Added Tarnas riders and the Dunkleosteus guards

- Added more speech notifications
- Fixed bug that carriers in Mission 12 have only 1 HP
- Added icons for SEAS vehicle upgrades
- Fixed some texts
- Added icons for poison ammo
- Fixed some stats
- Fixed Sentinel: now upgrade is for Stone and works!
- Added Mission 4.2 seasmodified by Synkro
- Added Dustriders funtitan soundset (arena trex) thx to Arvinder
- Fixed MK II Defense
- Fixed seas worker harvesting speed
- Balanced some cost
- Now the SEAS have a working warpgate (DC one)
- Balanced Miyagi T2
- Added 2 new treasures
- Improved AI
- Balanced Trader T2
- Added a Localizer to make custom texts
- Fixed BfPW "Success - you lost!" bug
- Fixed _NT_AI_RESSOURCE_STONE-Bug when being asked for stone... finally!
- Added a little screen showing your SEASMOD version in main menu
- Added lose and win music
- Fixed Kleemann T5 for MKII
- SEAS carriers can fish
- Tarna has a new special move (still secret :P) and a lot more :D
- Added missing bloodpatch
- Added FPS settings in the options menu
- Changed the campaign menu


Finally it's out :-D

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Very good mod, love the steampunk-ish SEAS.

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download 3.6.1 !

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creator you bich this mod balanced kill this mod

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