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Seas of Scred has been released, and is now available on (All feedback builds have been removed!)

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Seas of Scred - Box Art 50%


Seas of Scred has been released on, an up and coming games distribution platform. It is currently available for $3, though this price will rise with further updates.

The game comes with a PDF of a playguide, which I'm very pleased with.


The game came up quite well, and shipped with a number of spritesets, including: EGA, C64, Monogreen and two from the awesome CNIAngel. Four submarines are included, with three being accessible from start - each has its own playstyle and requires different strategies.
Also, it has Crabbens, and you can't not want Crabbens.

How do I get it?

You can use the dooblydoo thing below to pick up a copy:

How does it look?

Pretty damn good, that's how.

Seas of Scred - Final 001Seas of Scred - Final 002
Seas of Scred - Final 003
Seas of Scred - Final 004

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