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"You are stuck here in this "maze". You don't know why but you know one thing. Find the exit and be free." SCP-087: Hereafter is a total conversion mod for SCP-087-B with changed levels, music, sound effects, and more!

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"Where Am I? What is this place?" You ask yourself. Well, let me tell you.

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You are stuck in eternal emptiness, has it been a year a month, or a week? You don't know you lost all concept of time here. BUT Today or Tonight you got a chance. You got your chance to escape this place this "limbo" and escape into paradise...Well if they allow you that is. They will judge how you judged your peers...With Aggression.

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You need to escape this "maze" by any means necessary. But it goes on and on. You think to yourself "What's the point of continuing? It may be infinite from all I know" but you keep going because sadly there is only one way to find out. Find the Exit.

Hereafter Screenshot 2022 12 10 2

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These are your Tormentors these so-called "angels". You are trapped here because of them. But they gave you a chance today to escape this place, do not waste it.

Hereafter Screenshot 2022 12 10 6


It has been a long time since you ever met anyone really. But again this is your chance. Escape this "maze" meet "them" again and hopefully forget about all of this. Good luck.

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