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A Surprisingly good game. New, but vintage. Refined, yet classic. Badass and not expected.

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Movie games are renowned for epic suckiness. Sure, there are very few GOOD movie games, but as said earlier, there are VERY FEW.

Ah yes. This game brings back memories. The old quarters, the side scrollers, the profane words spraypainted onto the sides of game zones. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game will be sure to bring back these good ol' memories.

The style of the game is one of its best features. It feels new and refined yet feels like those awesome and classic like those golden age games like Donkey Kong and Gauntlet. Controls are smooth and fit perfectly, yet lots of controls fit with beat-em ups. That's right, it's a beat-em up. Pretty damn classic, eh? You would think that a side scrolling beat-em up would be a bad thing, but it works pretty well. It adds to the vintage feeling of the game and the amazing soundtrack further adds to the fun and originality.

The game is very fast paced, but this isn't very good considering the difficulty of the game. Unless you have 50 fingers you are going to have at least SOME trouble, especially on the final boss, whom is ridiculously hard to fight, like the sheriff from They Hunger Ep. 3.

Seeing as this is a downoadable game, the length is short to average, depending on your style. My style is to keep things detailed (ish) but short, so this review will fit the criteria as well. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is an amazing blast from the past. Old school gamers and the new generation will enjoy this game. Plus, it gets exponentially more fun the more you play it, and more friends the better. A pretty good game. Did I mention it is original? Originality is hard for games to hit.

A 4 out of 5.

Henley - - 1,973 comments

Far from original, the game mimics river city ransom almost 100% I mean the first level from both games is identical same with the gameplay, the over view is from mario and the character select screen is also from mario. The only real original detail about it is the music.

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PeterHat - - 731 comments

really good review ! After a few years i lost my tryst in Hollywood movies and specially games based of those movies :(

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Psychedelic_Snake Author
Psychedelic_Snake - - 68 comments

Reviews are after all opinion. There are actually tons of original things.

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