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List of updates, fixes, and additions for each new version of SBMS v1.20

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/9/18 11/6/20

  1. [Made a change, patch notes didn't get saved, can't remember what it was]
  2. [Last patch released on 8/8/19, not 5/4/19]
  3. Removed extra Plasma Beam Cannon sound being listed
  4. Sprayer Shot, Plasma Cannon sounds added to sounds list
  5. Hit the Ground mission now triggers ending earlier, removed requirement for Mainbase to keep moving for the mission to end. Mainbase won't move for some reason.


  1. Missions past 22 now use the planning room
  2. Missions 15 and 26 replaced as they are in the old missions
  3. Fixed the Follow AI behaviour using the wrong variable, crashing the game
  4. Reorganised the mission select menu
  5. Mission 5
  6. [v1.19b12] Updated missions 21 and 22
  7. Mission 22 removed units, made map smaller
  8. Added internal e-mails for missions 14-22
  9. In-game UI fixed being set to resolution size even if bigger than map
  10. Added sound for Sprayer Turret shot, used sounds for battlecruiser repairs turning on and off
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