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Are you ready? The new trailer for the final version is here. On may 19th, the king is back once more to finish what he started.

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Get ready for May 19th

Check out some screenshots:

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imagem 2023 04 23 233340198


Some of the new features

Apart from what has been already announced, here are some new things:

  • Zeta Touch port;
  • Totally playable on Steam Deck (SteamOS);
  • Enhanced Usermap mode - for playing usermaps with Legacy Edition features
  • Choose your track for the usermap;
  • Weapon recoil (enable/disable);
  • Game hints (enable/disable);
  • Voxels (enable/disable);
  • Upscalling (enable/disable);
  • New color palette (similar to the prototypes);
  • Invulnerability mode after you use an extra life (5 seconds);
  • Pistol has been BUFFED (A LOT);
  • Shotgun is now way faster;
  • Smooth animation for Double Shotgun, Freezethrower, Flamethrower, Devastator and Pistol;
  • You can save the kidnapped babes;
  • New Queen fight;
  • Battlelord can now deflect rockets and missiles (sometimes hehe);
  • Overlord has been buffed a bit;
  • There's a BOSS Health meter now;
  • New version will come with its own Mapster32 version;
  • Splash screen (enabled by default);
  • New music tracks;
  • Every boss fight has it's own version of Grabbag now;
  • All episodes are unlocked by default (you still need to unlock the levels though);
  • And several bug fixes.


The final update

Unfortunatelly, I don't see a reason to continue with this project further than the 4th episode, I've asked you guys your opinion on what episode should receive the Legacy Treatment after "The Birth", but I won't be able to. This has been a thrill of a ride, I loved every second, but it's time to go, OF COURSE, I will release patches with bug fixes, but just that.

This will be the final installment of Legacy Edition, my love letter for you all, I hope you guys like it.


Stay tuned, May 19th, Save the Date!
Hail to the King, Baby!! #ReturnToLegacyMod


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