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Imagine a comic book and an arcade game from back in 90's. Now imagine they had a baby. That's "Who's Santa," a short & enjoyable arcade-style RPG with sassy characters to keep things fun. Globe-hop between countries, master the Art of Funky Crane, Tiger, Monkey and more to show em' all, Who's Santa.

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Main Features
◾ Play as Santa with Kung Fu Crane Stance, Tiger Stance and more!
◾ The graphics will make you think a Comic Book and an Arcade Game from the 90's had a baby.
◾ Thwart Kangaroo (& other enemies) to prove you're not an Animal Abuser.
◾ Learn Traits by equiping Fancy & Punky attire.
◾ Visit 4 different countries to prove Santa is not a Communist. He just likes Red.
◾ Face a "Trumpy" Kid with your Epic Flying Eagle Stance!




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