alpha team six will be in a rut for a while due to school and such read the article now!

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hey sniperz227 here!, i know we havent updated the page in a while and that is because of school -_- AT6 will be in a rut/slow mode for the next month due to the fact that i have exams and summatives(projects for the enitire semester based on what you have leanred which counts for 15% of my final grade) so i will not be updating the page as much or at all. We are not dead but if anyone would like to help out that would be great.

Sniperz227 out.

Dman49 - - 97 comments

I understand completely. January = WORK T.T

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Sarge127 - - 412 comments

Yup, don't worry... this semester supposed to go by fast... from my exp.

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_shameless_ - - 63 comments

dont worry ill keep it up to date :P, post a few map pics and stuff to keep it lively :P

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Sniperz227 Author
Sniperz227 - - 637 comments

lolz kkz

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DewmBot - - 518 comments

Exams count as 30% of my grades :P i get my exams by the end of january

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