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The beta is here guys! We're getting close to the next release!

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The beta is complete! I told you guys what to do in the download page so im not going to give you terms or tasks. Anyways we really need the beta testers to do there job now. We havent really done a beta test like this yet so this may be new to some of you. All you do is play the mod and find the goods and find the bads. Then report the bads and then we fix them and then put out another beta after we fix those and then you repeat the good and bad task, then we fix stuff again then release. That simple!

By the way the menu files are not complete so dont bug us about that because i know ...they're not done.
Also the game kept crashing on me while i was playing as US. but i think that may just be a memory problem on my computer, but if not find the problem and tell us about it.

p.s. i encourage the guys with youtube accounts to post gameplay videos. makes people get all excited ;)

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