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Hey everyone the release of Version 1 is finally here

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Green = Advantage
Red = Disadvantage
Black = Neutral

Everyone gets slight of hand
No longer can pick up weapons when you are set a weapon(s)

Changed the Suspense music with themes/music from both COD4 and WaW

1 - Opening theme to the cargo ship
2 - Music you hear when you get out of the car in "The Coup"
3 - Music you hear when your trying to plant the flag at the end of WaW
4 - When you jump onto the heli on the cargoship mission
5 - ?? (a theme from WaW)

Also last chance music (1:00 - 0:00) is the Mile High Club theme

Confirmed Rolls For V4!!
1/5 Chance of Unlimited ammo - speaks for itself
Quick Master - Slight of hand, Super speed
Noob - Only grenade launcher
Third Weapon - speaks for itself
Stealth Master - M4/Silencer, USP/silencer, dead silence, gps jammer
Radioactive - sends damage at a 2 meter radius
Switcher - Switches weapons every 5 seconds
(Roll by Lefti)

Current Rolls!

Super Speed - Run faster
God Mode for 15 seconds - speaks for itself
unlimited Ammo - speaks for itself
Bunch of Weapons - You get 5 more weapons to your load-out
Get another......and another - simply getting 2 random rolls

Turtle Power - Run slower
No ammo - speaks for itself (will have to knife)

See people on radar - like UAV
teleport - speaks for itself
Airstrike - get the killstreak

Hardcore - No HUD, 50% health
Third Person - 3rd person view (see media)

UAV - Get UAV killstreak
Hunter - No ammo(have to knife) jump really high, run slightly faster
Triple Hp - Speaks for itself

On one hit kill - speaks for itself
No ammo reserve - 1 mag left
No aim down sights - speaks for itself
No Jumping - speaks for itself

Invisible for 15 seconds - speaks for itself
No Idea - Default Weapon
Flesh Wound - Lose 5 health every 5 seconds
Freeze - Player stops moving every 0.5 seconds
Field Of View - Field of view on 25

P90 Boy - Only get P90
Pistol Boy - Only get Pistol

Flashing - you are invisible every 0.5 seconds
Loose Health From Firing - every bullet you fire, you loose 5 health
You Blind? - screen is blury
No Sprinting - Speaks For Its Self

Double HP - Speaks for itself
No Primary - forced to use secondary
Can't Hear You?!?! - Player is deaf

Increased Melee range - Speaks for itself
Rotate - Player rotates
Automatic M16 - M16 no cooldown
Flash/Stun immune - won't be affected by flash or stun grenades

No grenades - speaks for itself (Not Working :S ...... Sorry)
kamikaze - Spawn a plane into the map with explosion
AC130 Above - spawn an AC130 into the game (100% Working now :D), (There is a problem with this 1 where. when sv_cheats isn't enabled the player will die.....closed servers work though)

Shoot Explosions - Speaks for itself
Sniper King - Only snipers (Roll by Lefti)
Double Double Health - Health set to 400 (Roll by Lefti)
Predator - 5 seconds invisible / visible 2 seconds / knife only (Roll by Lefti)
Tripple Rolls - Speaks for itself (Roll by Lefti)
Oppressor - SAW / not to target / infinite ammo / Perks (fast reload and bullet accuracy) (Roll by Lefti)
Claymore King - Seems to be only claymores (Roll by Lefti)
Enraged - When pressed, health to 400, get an RPG (Roll by Lefti)
Smoker - Seems to be infinite smoke grenades (Roll by Lefti)
Explosive Crossbow - speaks for itself (Roll by Lefti)

CUSTOM WEAPONS!!! (Thank You Lefti)

Perk Power - All Perks (Roll by Lefti)
Unlimited Frags - Speaks for Itself (Roll by Lefti)

Red Smoke - see everything in red (Roll by Lefti)
Unlimited Mags - Slimier to infinite ammo but you have to reload
Spy - Able to go invisible when ever you choose for 5 seconds
Faster Regen - Health Regenerate faster

Killstreaks - get all killstreaks every 4-5 seconds

Planned Rolls for the future!!

Visions - had errors with these, will try and fix them
Custom Music - Not a definite but would like them (don't get your hopes up)

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