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Rofaxan 2089 AD is in the last stages for the Play test then to go to peer review. Boss 1 has been dressed up a lot from his original form, Boss 2 fight pattern has changed to address a terrible rare glitch that could occur, many tweaks to the games load balance with respects to the player having a tough time getting started fresh from any stage. A lot more powerups, and now an exit to main menu to allow mode switching easier. Previously you had to quit to do this. We will post when Rofaxan gets

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Resubmitted this evening. It could be a week or so after that before the market place sees the Rofaxan Box Art. We are working 24/7 to make this happen and we appreciate the loads of support from fans and media a like. Especially the guys on the community forums who have helped us debug. Another shout goes to the guys at a paradise for us retro collectors, no matter what retro you collect! Off to code some more .... soooo tired right now!

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