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It has been brought to our attention that a few websites are carrying Rofaxan 2089 AD as a free download. These sites are illegally pirating the game. The ONLY PC distributor is Desura. If you should happen across these sites please let us know so we can...

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Take action. There is no need to pirate a $3 game. It's just pointless. Why they would is beyond me. Several of the sites have been informed to stop the availability and have a reasonable period of time to comply before both AngryGam3rs and Thunder and Lightning proceed to the next step.

To be honest I can't imagine why anyone would want to pirate the game, it's inexpensive and available on 2 of the promised platforms already with more platforms coming soon. One would think they would want to support less expensive games and not risk a whole host of legal problems by just being foolish. We did offer it free for a couple of days through December and that in no way offered anyone the option to distribute the game freely to anyone else.

We appreciate those many that have purchased the PC and Xbox 360 versions and we are working on new titles as of this writing so be excited more is on the way with that classic gameplay we all love but with a more modern approach to the games physics, graphical quality and audio quality levels. So look soon for our new projects and to the next update for Rofaxan coming in the next couple of months. Our next project announcement should be in full detail around feburary to march areas.

Thanks to all the supporters out there!

Stevepunk - - 25 comments

There are quite a few sites listing it as Freeware (as you gave it away free).
Perhaps next time just give the demo away for free which includes an inbuilt link to purchase the full game.
This way, when other sites host it, it will be like Shareware instead of Freeware ;)

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AwesomeEnterprises - - 2 comments

LOL, that's a great idea! Converting software pirates into shareware distributors.

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