Post news RSS Rofaxan 2089 AD to hit the Xbox Playtest/Peer review very soon!

Microsoft has gotten the system back online for game submission. Angry Gam3rs is now hammering last minute local testing prior to submission on line! This means the peer review could see the game within the next couple of days! Every aspect has been gone through during the down time even including a PC patch to catch the game up to the Xbox 360 port of the game.

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New items that will be in Xbox 360

5 Stages
1 Hidden
Thunder and Lightning Pounding Sound track containing 11 songs!
Hard core mode (NEW)
Boss rush mode
Normal Casual Gamer Mode
tons of weapons and power ups
Intense enemy fire fights
tons of game balance issues resolved from the PC version
high quality audio sound track almost doubling the quality!
Fixes for a few stage BGM songs being a little rough cut than intended
Performance tuning
-XBOX Only adjustments-
Exit dialog and Controller adjustments now meeting compliance
Performance adjustments for the Xbox Platform.

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