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There has been a lot told about Rofaxan, but it's high time you know more about the music and the fantastic artist Thunder and Lightning. Rofaxan features 11 tracks (the entire album) of In Charge of the Scythe by Thunder and Lightning. Officially licensed to us for this game! We have went to great lengths to ensure the music was enough to match the pace of the game and after...

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A strange turn of events that left Angry Gam3rs short on music staff, Thunder and Lightning came to our attention through an Indie site for game developers and musicians. This Indie branch helping Indie branch is another way that Angry Gam3rs intend to change the way Indie is done. By combing our different Indie disciplines we can make triple A quality games at a low cost to the gamer while maintaining a fantastic product that will be enjoyed all round. Angry Gam3rs is always looking for new partners for art, music, story, etc. This is done to help spread the wealth across the entire Indie scene not just the games area.

We have posted the video of Shadow Light and In Charge of the Scythe from Thunder and Lightning on our videos, these songs are also in their entirety in game Rofaxan 2089 AD and it is epic songs, for an epic battle, for epic gamers in a time when games haven't been quite so epic. Enjoy guys! Definitely hit Thunder and Lightning's YouTube channel at

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