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Well the update for today consists of more Microsoft delays with submitting the game into play test. Everyone on the community system is caught up in the technical error. As of yet there is no ETA when the problem will be rectified and Microsoft hasn't released much as to what, when or why. So it's completely open to speculation. Right now with the inability to upload to the play test system we have chosen to add many of the 1.08 update items to the package now...

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This will include a new game mode and the removal of a sci-fi related item that was originally approved then later withdrawn. Either way it was no problem to remove it. It is now replaced with something that won't even resemble what it used to be, but will let you players know something is up in the area. See if you can find it...

The further improvements for the standard game mode included balancing the bosses, enemies and weapons distributions to allow an easier start at the beginning of a new stage. There are some code modifications that are to refine and make the engine less redundant with things and to refine an already refined engine. We are preparing for 1.09 that will include much more content up to and including a new boss and level as well as a new weapon. The wave beam. A new power up for the multibody satellites and a new bomb weapon. The black hole gravity bomb. This weapon when used pulls all enemies and bullets into a central point and crushes them in a black hole freeing the screen of enemy clutter. This is something we devised to help hardcore mode due to the over abundance of weapons fire coming at the player.

Hardcore will be as the name implies. You will start with 3 health instead of the standard 5, Enemies speeds are 25% faster, bosses will have adjustments to speed patterns, etc., bullets and weapons coming at you will be more intense and quicker. As well as some enemies have completely new firing patterns in the higher difficulty. This is not for the unskilled. This mode is dreadful to play test as it is literally wearing play testers to their knees (evil grin here).

As we get the Xbox launch (version 1.08) to market we will keep you posted on news of the 1.09 additions. It is not set in stone yet but another 5 stages and 5 new bosses are wanted to be in this version we just don't know if it's practical to get them in according to our deployment schedules, which is pretty much shot right now due to the hang up on the Microsoft site.

Great news about the site problem is we are packing more content for Xbox 360. Higher quality audio and music, more modes, and a few new things that hardcore will present to challenge you. Again we'd like to thank all the fans and others, especially the guys from for being so supportive of us. We are usually a one to two man team with little time to work with and less resources. All this support with the IGOTY voting, advice, feedback, help in all areas of the game deployment and spreading the word around the net and especially the twitter response is AMAZING! Thank all of you for your support. The minute I get free time to play with logos and headers Rofaxan PC version 1.08 and later Patch to 1.09 will be available on Desura and they are working with us to help us provide appropriate imagery to help with the Desura deployment for PC. Until then you can get the game at our site. The Secured server system will be down for a few hours overnight for maintenance and shouldn't be offline too long.

Thank all of you for your support! Thanks colexions for your complete support on this!

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