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Rofaxan 2089 AD at 11:00pm EST entered peer review for Xbox Live Indie Games. With the successful bug smashing from the play test inspection of the game it was decided to move to the peer review ....

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in an effort to be a part of the 2013 holiday season. If all goes well through peer review Rofaxan's team AngryGam3rs will be working on a massive porting campaign that includes some of the following systems : "Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Wii-U, 3DS, Apple iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 Mobile Devices, Android Devices, Windows 8 App store, Ouya, and more.

AngryGam3rs requests that anyone with a platform not mentioned to please let us know what platform you'd like and every effort will be made to let the gamer not the developer dictate what platform the games are on. AngryGam3rs has their personal preferences in devices as we all do but is very adamant about making sure the community and gamers know their personal favorite platform is our goal. As we deploy from one platform to another we started with PC then to Xbox, Xbox One, Windows 8 Store, Windows 8 Mobile Stores because these all are very similar in their programming techniques and so we've grouped the quickest to debug and distribute to the top of the list and those with more obscure or different systems to the bottom as in some of these platforms it will be a learning process for us with Rofaxan 2089 AD.

We think this approach will show gamers everywhere no matter their favorite platform we are looking in their direction as an individual not as a group. We believe that each and every gamer is an important potential customer we want to make happy and have even toyed with classic console ports for a fun side project. Let us know if you have a classic platform you'd like to see Rofaxan ported to and we will look into it. But you the gamer are our priority and making a fun game you enjoy.

Now that you understand us, help us understand you. follow us on twitter @angrygam3r1 or email us at and talk to us. Tell us what your thinking and by all means if you want to work with us on a project we are open to talking with anyone that has a practical and well planned or even early stage project.

We could not have made it this far without our families, friends, and many, many fans both gamer and media. Some of our fans are actually neither. But you have all pushed us to bring a new approach to indie and game development and we are here now to provide it to you. Rofaxan is just the start of a massive wave of game concepts coming to all platforms for all types of gamers everywhere including other languages! We are currently translating Rofaxan to all supported languages on Xbox live even!

Thank all of you for your votes, patronage, and support! We know Rofaxan will be one hell of a trip you won't soon put down. With 3 game modes, 11 real audio tracks from Thunder and Lightning and more we are pulling out everything we have learned over the years of being gamers to bring a FUN and amazing experience to you guys!

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