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Rofaxan 2089 AD 1.08 (matched to xbox 360 version coming soon) is out now and currently under validation on Desura! The host of improvements to game play are numerous as well as a brand new game mode called "Hard Core" this hard core mode increases enemy speeds, changes patterns from normal, adds more enemy fire and just makes the game more, well hard core! The good news is the normal mode got it's much needed powerup balancing and some of the bosses have been adjusted a bit as well

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Current List of Major changes:

44Khz Stereo Music- clearing up muddy high tones in the music.
Hard core mode
Normal mode balancing and improvements
Animation fixes for a few sprites (about 12 of them)
Health adjustments and adjustments to the damage system for better balance

and so much more! So grab it as soon as it posts and get the new version. Whatever you do don't forget to crank the volume :)

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