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Roadmap for the upcoming Hearts of Iron 4 mod Love Thy Neighbour: Redux (LTN).

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0.1 - Come Wisdom, Come Fire

  • Content for the 'Not Guilty' path.
  • Full content for the Illuminati, National Guard, Yonkers Brigade and Detroit Reaction Force factions.
  • Skeleton content for other American civil war factions.
  • Skeleton content for the RCMPF and United States of Canada.
  • Skeleton content for the Quebec civil war.

0.2 - Tyrants Fall Once They Face Justice

  • Content for the 'Guilty' path.
  • Cold War mechanics.
  • World War 3.
  • Bug fixes.

0.3 - Please Tell Me What Love Is!

  • Content for Kazakhstan.
  • Skeleton content for the USR, Heaven and Russia.
  • Total tech tree overhaul.
  • Mechanic overhaul.
  • Massive bug fixes.
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