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RivalStrands, a massive multiplayer online game that takes place in physical reality is set to be released through test flight by early 2016.

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RivalStrands: You are the Game

RivalStrands is a massive multiplayer online game that takes place in real, physical life. By taking advantage of the present possibilities of interconnectedness and geo-location, it transforms your phone into a radar and a weapon with which you can identify enemy combatants and then “attack” them or defend yourself. This means that, yes, the wall in front of you, the pizzeria down the street, and the people around you could all very well be part of the game.

RivalStrands, however, is also a captivating story: In a desperate attempt to procure their survival as a species, the Celedians, an advanced alien race, find themselves forced to retrieve sample copies of human DNA. In exchange for help, they promise to provide humanity with the tools and the knowledge required to transcend corruption and suffering. Human governments, however, skeptical of the alien purpose, have taken all necessary action to protect human freedom from foreign intervention. It is up to you to decide which of these two stories is more compelling. You get to choose what side to fight for.

The result is an “alternate reality”, a “fictional universe”, which shares the same physical space as your everyday surroundings. So for example, say that while having lunch in one of your favorite restaurants you bump into an old friend. As you meet, your device informs you that she sides with the enemy. This then, is the perfect opportunity to retrieve her DNA strand and neutralize her capacity to counteract. Your friend, however, is also informed of your allegiance and is thereby prepared for your attack. A battle ensues.

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There are different ways and interactive missions through which you can help your side accumulate strands and result triumphant. You can recharge your weapons and gadgets in specific physical locations. You can also create teams and advance in global rankings. At different times, sides will be proclaimed victorious in the workplace, the school or university, as well as in the city, your country and ultimately the world.

We are a group of artists, academics, programmers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating innovative games and apps that propose to erase the line between the domain of the “real” and the “virtual”. We just got started, we don’t know everything and we want to grow and co-create with the community.

An alpha version of RivalStrands is set to be released in January 2016 and we would love to hear from you. Subscribe to our alpha tester community at or email us at

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