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Ranks of Rhun Emperor of Rhun Commands ALL except Khand people

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Major in bold and under line
Minor in bold
none is regular
Start out as Rhunic Peasant Highest to lowest (top to bottom)
If it says "A" before it means Armored while "UA" means unarmored If it doesn't say anything then it's Armored

Emperor of Rhun: Rattlehead2047

King of Khand:FREE

Kataphrakt Captain (2 only):FREE

Leader of the Emperor's Guard:

Kings Guard 10 only:

Rhun Spearmen captain(2 only):FREE

Rhun Swordsmaster (3only) (Captain of the swordsmen who wields another sword instead of a
shield): FREE

Wain Riders Captain:

Wain Riders:

Rhunic Kataphrakt :

Khand Captain 2 only:

Variag of Khand:

Khand Axemen:

Khand Archer:

Khand Horsemen:

A Rhun Swordsman:

A Rhun Archer:

A Rhun Spearmen:

UA Rhun Spearmen:

UA Rhun Swordsmen:

UA Rhun Archer:

Rhunic Peasant:

rattlehead2047 - - 32 comments

i want to be emperor of rhun

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