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Kewl new things for revision 106 with progress updates, THIS PROJECT IS STILL ALIVE!

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Bots - 85%
Weapons - 80%
Campaign - 90%
Zomo Tron - 80%
House of Horrors - 75%
Gore Fest - 78%
Optimized - 80%
Multi-Player - 10% (Because it was a epic fail I'm going to re-code it when i finish the rest of the game)
Menus - 100%
Saving bugs - 30%
Other bugs - 50%

- Grenades Launcher (Almost done)
- Optimized (Done)
- Redoing collusion detection instead, this way you want be getting suck in between walls and stuff. (Almost done)
- Hopefully all the bugs worked outs(Done)
- more objectives(Done)
- and a few more touch ups so stay tuned! (done)
- New weapon (Done)
- Zombies Spawn in different am mounts and at different times(done)

The particles and nicer things my lag on lesser computers if you guys would please report that to me because my laptop sucks so I really don't know how well this'll run on newer better computers, it would be really appreciated and you will receive a cookie from Grandma Sherman if you do! (YUMMY GRANDMA SHERMAN'S COOKIES!!! :D)

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