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This is a small briefing of one of GDI's missions you'll be seeing in my TE campaign some time after TE 1.5 is released. Also some info about other missions is provided.

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Return to Archer's Asylum
To: Field Commander GDC-95
From: Global Defense Initiative Reykjavik HQ, Department A
Date: January 19th, 2048

Mission briefing:
Before and during the Second Tiberium War, an infamous psychiatric hospital known as Archer's
Asylum was used mostly to treat patients suffering from Tiberium poisoning. Only a few classified
records exist, giving information about some of their patents and treatment procedures. Some say
those procedures are very inhumane. The hospital was mostly destroyed during a small skirmish between Nod and The Forgotten forces during winter 2047. After the battle Nod mostly claimed the city. If you find a Forgotten camp in the area, they might provide us some support.

Our reconnaisance team reports of Nod's Tiberium research team, which is holding POW's in the base levels of the hospital to test and create their resurrected Cyborg program. We've send a Battleship and an Aircraft Carrier with some Orcas and Sniper Teams to help you escort our troop transport to the beach head in South East.

Your main objective to escort the troop transport to the beach head, from which our infantry forces will assault the Archer's Asylum and destroy all Nod's Tiberium research facilities. Destroying a Nod Operations Center is critical, since that will prevent Nod forces sending call for reinforcements.

Good luck Commander.


About the mission Return to Archer's Asylum:

I wanted to make some mission with a bunch references to Tiberian Sun. Personally this reminds me of GDI's Hammerfest mission because of the arctic terrain and hover craft moving through canyon in the beginning, and Archer's Asylum was a building featured in Tiberian Sun. I'm also trying to make the surroundings of the Archer's Asylum sort of Tiberian Sun-ish.

About some other missions:

At the moment I have finished only one GDI mission (Fort Cortez), but missions 2 and 3 are almost ready, 4 and 5 are still in progress. From Nod missions I have ready 1 (Operation Nuclear Heist) and 2 (Phoenix Base), missions 3 and 4 are in progress.

Timeline for my campaign goes as follows:
March - GDI Mission 1
June - GDI Mission 2 and 3
August - GDI Mission 4 and Nod Mission 1
September - Nod Mission 2
December - Nod Mission 3

January - GDI Mission 5 and Nod Mission 4

I may release both GDI's and Nod's first missions soon, but all the other missions won't be available before Tiberium Essence 1.5 is released.

To be continued... when more missions are planned and made!


I approve xD

And I look forward to seeing your work ingame :)

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sounds good

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Cool, I'll have to keep an eye on this.
An all-new campaing would be the icing on the cake for an awesome mod like Tiberium Essence.

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