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News about further releases, beta testing and a request. Please give us a nice review and a honest opinion what you think of the mod.

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Today I'm bringing you some good news about RoZo, especially version 0.5, also I do have a request but more on that later on.

RoZo v0.5 Patches

A little after releasing build 0.5.021 we decided that there are still big flaws within it and started to rework major parts of the mod, the changelog includes now about 100 changes. A majority of the content posted after my last news ( Return of Zombie Ops - v0.5 Final Release ) were actually content of a new patch for v0.5. The new build is still in development and we started a Closed Beta, please don't ask if you can participate we're choosing the people on our own.
However the build will be released to the public soon after our server is running stable. Also this one will be the last big Patch for v0.5, even though the previous one was meant to be so :)

RoZo Patches

We received a lot of bug reports, mainly from Clans, pointing out a whole bunch of stuff in the mod. Of course we're trying to patch them as soon as possible and we're also thankful for any further bug reports. Of course we'll try to provide the best possible support and also there will be more patches (talking of small ones here) fixing anything that can be fixed.
Another trigger for patches could be mappers asking for new functions, currently I'm helping IZaRTaX with a rozo version of his latest map mp_surv_jakram and during the progress we already had some idea for further mapping support. (Unfortunately I am not able to finish my mapping video tutorials at the moment. If there are questions about it please send me a message and I'll try to help.)
Of course we'll not stuff every function into the mod but frequently used functions can be added on request.

Voting and MOTY

Since voting has been opened in August we recived only little votes for the mod. I feel like there is more possible, please give us feedback, if you don't give a full 10/10 I'd appreciate some feedback why you think the mod doesn't deserve it, I know we'll not be able to make the mod perfect for everyones taste but feedback always helps.Also MOTY voting just recently started, I don't think we'll make it to the "Mod of the Year" but even a position within the top 100 would mean very much for us, since we all put a lot of effort, time and at times even money into this mod.So please vote for our mod and don't hesitate to tell your friends to do so too :)

Closed Beta

And to finally come to an end of these news, if the closed beta for the new v0.5 build works out good we'll continue this principle, VIPs will automatically have access.

Changelog 0.5.022

- WPN: .44 Magnum
- WPN: PP90M1
- WPN: SPAS-12
- WPN: Striker
- WPN: L118A
- WPN: Gas Grenade
- WPN: Ice Grenade
- WPN: Acid Grenade
- WPN: Flare
- WPN: EMP Grenade
- WPN: Betty
- WPN: added a clip drop effect to most of the weapons
- WPN: M79
- PLR: Battlechatter added
- WPN: New thirdperson anims for LMGs, Bullpups, Shotguns, Minigun, Ballistic Knife, Crossbow
- CAC: Added Models of Price, Soap, Nikolai, Yuri and Keegan from MW3
- HPT: MK19 Sentry Turret
- HPT: .50 Cal Sentry Turret
- HUD: the ammo crate sound will now also play on the armory
- GMC: Zombies which explode (in any way) won't drop scavenger ammo
- GMC: All weapons can no be obtained from the Mistery Box
- GMC: All perks can now randomly appear in the Perk Shops
- HPT: Pavelow Door-Gunner
- CAC: Character customization is now available
- HUD: You now have the option to edit your class after the match
- PLR: Working Prestige System, with 10 Prestige and 95 Ranks
- CAC: Added New Female models
- MAP: Added further mapping features
- WPN: M202 aka Grim Reaper Rocket Launcher
- HUD: Added a unlock message on the right side of the screen, similar to the wave bonus

- WPN: Desert Eagle, Gold can be selected as camo
- WPN: Glock 18, new anims, new model and now firing Full Auto
- WPN: MP5k, new anims, model and sounds
- WPN: MP5k SD, ACOG instead of Reflex Sight, and MP5k changes
- WPN: All SMGs can now be outfitted with a silencer
- WPN: UMP, new anims, textures and sounds
- WPN: M4 Carbine, original CoD4 model and sounds
- WPN: SCAR-H, new anims, model and sounds
- WPN: Famas F1, new anims, model and sounds
- WPN: ACR, new anims, model, texture and sounds
- WPN: FAD, new anims, model, texture and sounds
- WPN: AA-12, new weapon settings, making it much more like in MW2
- WPN: Sniper Rifles got a boost, making them one shoot kills up to high rounds, even higher with headshots
- GMC: New ranks and unlocks, some unlocks are reset and your level is changed, though your progress is not lost
- HUD: New Shop menus, showing the price in red if you have to little money
- CAC: The new weapons are sorted in
- CAC: Classified weapons are shown as "Classified"
- GMC: Slightly changed zombie models
- HUD: MW2 Grenade Icons
- WPN: Semtex, new sounds
- WPN: Minigun, new texture and anims
- GMC: Tabun Zombies will now 'explode' and work like Tabun Gas in WaW
- WPN: Alot of weapons now use the MW2 Silencer sound
- HPT: Sentry Turrets now have different appearances and a new model
- GMC: The shops are now sorted like in v0.6, all non existing shops are skipped
- GMC: Weapon Armory and Mistery Box can now coexist
- HUD: The markers of the armories are now visible through walls at a certain distance
- WPN: The Location Selector Grenade is now hold in the hand (again)
- STR: Adjusted a few spelling mistakes and missing strings
- HPT: Carepackage, new sounds, multiple carapackages are now allowed, though only one per player
- HPT: Artillery, fixed the earthquake, location selector size and falling logic
- HPT: AC-130 Strike, added earthquake to the impacts, new firing sounds
- HPT: Nuke, more time after the nuke goes off, dvar for game end
- WPN: Ballistic Knife, no more bowie knife, new timing and stats
- CAC: buying an item will now result in a popup and also has a sound for (un-)success
- PLR: You'll not any longer spawn with 4 grenades, unless you have scavenger pro equipped
- WPN: Crossbow, minor animation changes, new texture, more original behavior
- PLR: Health regeneration is now defined by two dvars, time and rate

- WPN: Desert Eagle Gold
- WPN: Desert Eagle Tactical
- WPN: KS23
- WPN: HS10
- WPN: TAC-50
- WPN: Stoner
- WPN: Type-95
- PLR: The default songs of the radio are all stock cod4 songs now
- HUD: Quick Ammo and Attachment change in Quick Menu
- WPN: EX-41
- HPT: Laser Turret
- HPT: Blackhawk Door-Gunner
- WPN: Raygun
- WPN: Thundergun aka Wunderwaffe DG-2

!Shortcut explanations!
CAC: Create-A-Class
HUD: HUD and Menus
WPN: Weapons
PLR: Player Mechanisms
MIS: Misc
GMC: Game Mechanisms
STR: Language/Text
HPT: Hardpoints/Killstreaks
MAP: Mapping API

-Bb--b - - 22 comments

I thought you were working on a 0.6 update.But this is pretty damn AWESOME!
All this update needs is AC-130 gunner,but that can wait.
You really did an amazing job :D

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3aGl3 Author
3aGl3 - - 813 comments

Didn't we all thought that ;)
However the changelog is still not complete, since we're still doing stuff on this update.
And thanks...

Reply Good karma+3 votes
FreePinochetRides - - 942 comments

I hope the .44 mag isn't like CoD MW2's or MW3's because they're **** in my opinion (Rate of fire, reload, recoil, accurary are fully unrealistic)
Others things are nice :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
3aGl3 Author
3aGl3 - - 813 comments

For now it will be...

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Kraeno - - 48 comments

So no more raygun? what will be its replacement?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
FreePinochetRides - - 942 comments

Any chance to get newer .44 mag in next releases?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
3aGl3 Author
3aGl3 - - 813 comments

As soon as I solved some problems with Ghosts models.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Kraeno - - 48 comments

I hope this would be release soon like to play this with more stuff in it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
3aGl3 Author
3aGl3 - - 813 comments

Currently there are some bugs and errors, we're working on them :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
footballhatrick - - 58 comments

Great work 3aGl3 The mod is coming together nicely. Keep up the good work :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
3aGl3 Author
3aGl3 - - 813 comments


Reply Good karma+2 votes
TheReaper1 - - 298 comments

Great work MTG, Keep up the good work :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
celsoviana21 - - 5 comments

actually the 0521 version was the best that came out has certain bugs that must be fixed type of helicopter spawn point to the same place but this to me is silly the other in this rcx stand pump that carepackage disappears sometimes the weapons obtained previously out of it the game works perfectly seen in 0528 iceops bugs and relevant to these type kill the zombie and not die

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