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I will start to fix what needs to be fixed since ill be resuming my work

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I will be working on this now and there will be many new things, I will make boots and gloves for all the characters as that was absent from the first release.

I will fix what is wrong with some of the new cities
Add new weapons
Change the original hair colours to something else so there will be more variation
Reduce the new teams army sizes because they were kinda two big
Add new companions
Some starting equipment to help beginners
Plus many more things

I have just finished the gloves and the boots, the boots have been put inside the script and now ill do the gloves, then I will start on the new companions.
If anyone has any suggestion on what to add ill see what I can do but most importantly just ask. Im friendly and like to listen to feedback. I will release a patch soon and will put up the additional features before it comes out.

Will update this later on.

I do not have alot of time to work on this because I am preoccupied with alot of other things but I will still work on it, I mostly work on the weekend as thats when I have more time. If anyone has any questions just comment or message me.

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