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here is my suggestions for GAR units for this mod

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GAR Space

Capital Ships

Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser
Venator-class Star Destroyer
Victory I-class Star Destroyer


Acclamator II-class assault ship
Arquitens-class light cruiser
Carrack-class light cruiser
Pelta-class frigate


Consular-class cruiser (Charger c70 retrofit)
CR70 corvette
Republic light assault cruiser


Acclamator I-class assault ship
Low Altitude Assault Transport
Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier
Nu-class attack shuttle
Eta-class shuttle
CR25 troop carrier (Commandos)
Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor (Jedi tech 1-3)
Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor (Jedi Tech 4-5)

Unique Space units

Imperator-class Star Destroyer (Tech 5 - Limit 3 - Buildable
only on Kuat)
Stealth ship (only 1 buildable above Corulag)
Clone Tactical Officer (Fleet Officer)

Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter (Not Buildable - Spawns from ships tech 4-5)
Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter
NTB-630 naval bomber
V-19 Torrent starfighter (Not Buildable - Spawns from ships tech 1-3)
Clone Z-95 starfighter

GAR - Land


Clone Troopers Phase 1 (Tech 1-3) Legions available : 501st
Legion, 212th Attack Battalion, 104th Battalion (Wolfpack), Coruscant Guard and
Hawkbat Battalion

Clone Troopers Phase 2 (Tech 4-5) Legions available : 501st
Legion, 212th Attack Battalion, 104th Battalion (Wolfpack), Coruscant Guard, 327th
Star Corps, 41st Elite Corps, 91st Reconnaissance Corps, Galactic Marines and 2nd
Airborne Company
Clone Plex Trooper (Phase 1+2)
Clone Z-6 Gunner (Phase 1+2)
Clone Sniper (Phase 1+2)


All Terrain Attack Pod
Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport
All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut
TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank
All Terrain Recon Transport
BARC speeder
Infantry Support Platform


Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery
Stun tank
AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon

Aerial Support

Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry
ARC-170 starfighter - Land

Unique Units

AT-AT Prototype (only 3 buildable)
Clone Commandos
ARC Troopers (Phase 1, 1.5, 2)
Clone Commanders



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Puuuuuuh who should build this all

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