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After looking at the lower-than-wanted quality of the original release, I decided to fix things that were either not encountered by me during testing or just some oversights that popped up when the mod was released.

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What I did was make the mod easier to install for people who are less familiar with stalker modding, so instead of you guys having to install all the mods in the mod pack one by one, they all come already pre-merged. All you have to do now is just drop the files to your install folder and you're good. ZRP is pre-configured as well, so yes I took some liberties there and you may not like some the changes, but you can still change them through the configurator yourself. The changes I made there were all mostly aimed towards new players(zombie corpses showing on map, traders repairing weapons), so if you have any issues with that. Just change it yourself. I didn't mess with the carry weight anything game-breaking like that. The repack also comes with the UI icon fix.

Another thing that has changed is the shaders used in the pack. The previous ones were a bit unoptimized and really needed a more careful configuration to make it look really good and they also made people crash on some level transitions. They have now been replaced with Autumn Aurora 2.1 shaders which look better, run better and seem to be more stable from my testing.

To sum it all up really, I just hope you guys enjoy the changes made to the repack and keep an eye out for a Clear Sky Starter Pack in the future. I am currently working on it, but I just can't say when it will be released and what it will feature, because I'm new to STALKER modding and anything can change, so I don't wanna disappoint anyone.

Good hunting, stalkers!

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