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Check No#: 3
Year Fraction: 148
Year: 997.M41
Anno Domini: 3148997/M41
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LoneHunter has been very busy working on the lasgun. The lasgun is the Imperial Guard's standard issue rifle and is an all round rifle able to do ok damage against infantry, buildings and vehicles.

Take a look for yourselves!


Kiory has also been busy modelling weapons, this time he has wiped up the Bolter for us! The Bolter is the standard issue weapon for the basic Space Marine, with rocket propelled shells.

Here's the finished model waiting to be textured.


Leman Russ

Kiory has also been busy working on the Leman Russ, this very good all round tank is pretty much complete and just needs it's textures!

Leman RussLeman Russ


We have had quite a few applications for job positions over the last two months, although we are still looking for more! We are especially in need of Programmers, so even if you're learning the UT3 engine, help would be very appreciated! The set of job applications are up at these links;

For applicants, all jobs require a portfolio of the work, knowledge of the applications required for them, and a passion for the Warhammer 40,000 universe is a big plus. Applications can be sent to:

That's it for this update, we hope you enjoyed it and keep watching here and over on our site at !

Thought for the Day: There is no substitute for Zeal.


Nice model and great work.

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yep, great job

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