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Now that title will give you hints, it's not reborn. It's a similar concept, but it's got more life and juice than ever.

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Hello my watchers and anyone who's reading this,

It has been a while since I've been active on ModDB. I've learnt a lot since I tried making mods, organisation, teamwork, quality, time. Now it's my attempt to put it to the test, again.

I've been rewriting the concept of Half-Life 2: Aperture Chapters, my first mod that was ever so popular, but all the same; a failure in development. What I've been developing is the idea of mixing Portal with the Half-Life universe. Me and my timely old friend Yellowapple have been devising titles and stories.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - Aperture's Hour. We've thought of other names, even to keep the "Aperture Chapters" idea (Aperture Chapters: Aperture's Hour, thinking if we have a sequel) but I'm confident the final name will be Aperture's Hour, or something keeping that idea.

It tells the story of an Aperture employee during the hours of the Black Mesa Incident - assuming it had effects to other parts of the world, Portal Storms, power outages; you know, apocalyptic storytelling at its best.

I've posted a few work-in-progress screenshots to my profile, here's one of them. You can track part of the mod's current 'idea stage' progress on my profile.

WIP - Aperture's Hour FIRST LEVEL

You'd start the game out kind of like Half-Life, a normal day on the job. Monitoring test subjects while maintenance is done on GLaDOS (installation of the Morality core) After a while of monitoring tests, it begins.

That's all you're getting for now, just wait for some more.

~BlabVoid, out.

DevinShadowV - - 534 comments

oh just a concept

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BlabVoid Author
BlabVoid - - 266 comments

Actually it's very well underway, I've got a lot of people helping me. Yellowapple, Dark Pivot, a ton of people I've come across. I think this might just be the one...

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GmansFan - - 221 comments

Yellowapple, really? Wow. He's probably really good, but I jusat can't forget what he did on the Portal: Awakening page, where he filled the page with spam. Just be carefull.

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BlabVoid Author
BlabVoid - - 266 comments

He's a trusted friend and he would never let me down. He doesn't over-react at stuff so that should be okay.

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