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TunnelRunner is out! Find it on the appstore, look for TunnelRunner. Find it on Android market, look for TheTunnelRunner. Play the demo here: enjoy!

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After months in development, I've created a game which is exactly as i planned!

First off, I didn't want any feature creep - so once i chose the things i wanted there were no more features to add. You want multiplayer? nope.

This is old-school. In an age where there are a million great looking physics based 2d games - some are great, some i can't possibly understand why they bothered to make them (due to being no fun whatsoever)... there's a whole load of great talent out there - and this is my own spin on the old 'bedroom coder' thing.

Play the demo, play the full game - there's some stupendous music in there!

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