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I released the final version of the game!

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I released the final version of Resident Evil Operations 2D
Just Extract and play, enjoy :)
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I do not own Resident evil, capcom does. And i didn't make any of the weapons and players skins or maps, i just put them together.

- Custom Weapons and players skins, with all-new sfx for both weapons and zombies
- 62 Resident Evil - style maps, hand-picked from and unrealsoftware site (the developers of cs2d)
- Custom Splash Screen
- Modified "zombies" gamemode rules, to make the zombies look like the classic resident evil ones, slow and tough.
- I also created an hamachi network for everyone to play, join ResidentEvilOperations2D pwd 123
hamachi download link:

Hope you like REOps2D :)

Added some new features :D
-flashlight: type "light" without quotes in chat to turn on your flashlight
-console command mp_humanteam ct to make players only join the humans
-a new map zm_dead_town_v1.0, zm_barricade_park, zm_crossfire, zm_storage
-enhanced AI! they can now destroy barricades and turrets
-added weapons shake effect
-added some other buildings
-added bloody footsteps when hp is under 30%
-added headshot system
-added custom buy menu
-added new barricades, buildable only between 2 walls
-added co-op campaign! Zombie Infection 1+2

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