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a small statusreport of whats going on and why it has been so silent :)

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As you wished, here are some news - well more or less.
Its more of a Status report.

No this project is not dead, i think we proved our will in working on it often enough, but due to the fact that everyone in this team is working in the industry, we are pretty much bound to the development cycles of this industry. Which means - milestine = no time for airborn, exposition = no time for airborn, jobhunt and arttests = no time for airborn. Thats how it always has been and thats how it will stay for a while i guess.
Unless someone opens a bag of money, we are going to stay indie with this project and concentrate on doing our job as good as possible in the time we have for it.

Having that said, the somewhat big news is, well obviously not to the guys watching the gallery lately, that we registered a trademark so its Airborn® which gave all of us a big bone® ;)

Whats the status about the game and the team?

Well we wrote a hell lot - collected conceptarts, gameplayideas, working guides etc. put all that into a wiki to have our GDD extracted from that one day. And not its certainly not open, we may be indie but not open source :P
We rented a server to get all our stuff going, be it svn for assetmanagement (which has been on a local drive so far, so uploading and downloading was somewhat limited), a wiki, the website (yes this will come pretty soon i guess), trac for bugtracking, emailserver etc.
All that stuff is working.

We are proud to introduce a new member, Angel-Mapper joined us to support us with her gamedesign and coding power, welcome Rachel :)

We started blocking the rest of chapter 1, working on gameplay ideas, test thinsg, change things . so once we can bring something out its not just the harbour which everyone of us has seen to much already :)

So thats it for now

have fun, take care and stay tuned

the airborn team

PS: before Held again asks if this is going to be commercial, yes this is an option.


Hahaha, Including Held in the bottom of this post made me laugh.

I'm glad you guys got your ®!


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Sweet can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Keep at it guys/girls and create something powerful.

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"gave all of us a big bone®"
I lol'd.
That one little symbol certainly does make everything seem so official now. I'd say that it makes it seem professional too, but I don't think anything can make your work look more professional.

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polyphobia Author

well beeing able to work on it full time might change a hell lot, be apperently we have to eat and live and stuff so we have to work and can't do airborn fulltime :(

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