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Final release note, this mod has custom models and sounds from black ops II. It uses pezbot mod. Enjoy :)

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PEZBOT_BO2 ( v2.5 )

COD4 mod, based on Pezbot 011p, for custom maps.

01/6/2016 (DD/MM/YY)

fix KC spawn points ( players always re-spawn at start team spawns).
fix a model eye


Install:\Mods\pezbot_bo2\pezbot*.iwd \Mods\pezbot_bo2\mod.ff

Run:\iw3mp.exe +set fs_game mods/pezbot_bo2 +exec pezbot.cfg
or Launch "pezbot_bo2" from Game Mods menu.

NEW v2.5:

Added mp_bo2standoff_ex on map list, ( to do preview image).
Added mp_bo2yemen_waypoints.gsc.
Added mp_bo2yemen on map list ( + screen )
Added Atlas soldier ( replace velinda)( to disable this model modify "svr_pezbots_modelchoice" on pezbot.cfg )
Restored body_complete_mp_zakhaev
Added weapon bo3, replace ak-47+ icon.
Credits in v2.5:BO3_KN44 Author: mitsurugi (replace ak47, UI icon , weapon_ak47.iwi).

NEW v2.4:

mod.ff (recompiled ).
pezbot4.iwd ( edited chars, PeZBOT.gsc ).
pezbot6.iwd (new file ).

install pezbot_bo2_v2.1.
rarignore pezbot_bo2_v2.1_fix01.rar (already in v2.2).
ignore pezbot_bo2_v2.1_to_v2.2.rar (already in v2.3).
install pezbot_bo2_v2.2_to_v2.3.
rarinstall pezbot_bo2_v2.3_to_v2.4.rar

fixed eyes.
Added 2 new axis models.
waypoint, mp_bo2drone, edited (new room mp_bo2drone v1.5).

To load the new weapon:Make a new simple class ( no attachments ), weapons to load:g36cm16 m14rpd (without attachments and camos!)uzimp5mp44Test, later try scope, reflex.
Credits in v2.4:Brodie, tips modeling :)

NEW v2.3:

ripper Author:Rollonmath42 (replace mp44 ).
Re-edited axis* viewhands skeleton ( fixed some vertexes bone/skin ).
modified:mod.ff ( added ripper xmodel ,anims).
pezbot4.iwd ( added mp44_mp mod-weapon ).
pezbot5.iwd ( added new weapon images ).

INSTALL:install pezbot_bo2_v2.1.rarignore pezbot_bo2_v2.1_fix01.rar (already in v2.2).ignore pezbot_bo2_v2.1_to_v2.2.rar (already in v2.3).install pezbot_bo2_v2.2_to_v2.3.rar
Credits in v2.3:Rollonmath42

NEW v2.2:

viewhands;edited chars files,
restored selection of "female pilot" model;
edited chars to avoid merged players ( allies/axis skin).
edited chars to load in others maps ( you'll need to add new way-points yourself ).

mod.ff ( recompiled, new viewhands ).
pezbot5.iwd (new viewhands textures).
pezbot4.iwd ( modified, only characters folder; and a little "mp_bo2drone_waypoints.gsc" ).
ReadMe ( added original readme files).

install pezbot_bo2_v2.1.
rarignore pezbot_bo2_v2.1_fix01.rar (already in v2.2).
install pezbot_bo2_v2.1_to_v2.2.rar

xm8 Author: mitsurugi (replace g36c)
bo2_type25 Author: mitsurugi (replace m16)
BO2 SIG556 Author: mitsurugi (replace m14)
BO2 HAMR Author: mitsurugi (replace rpd, replace class a Rpd class without attachments) XBO2__EVO_SKORPION tito ( replace uzi )
BO2__CHICOM tito (rep mp5 )

To load the new weapon:Make a new simple class ( no attachments ), weapons to load:g36cm16 m14rpd (without attachments)uzimp5Test, later try scope, reflex.

COMMANDS:+set fs_game mods/pezbot_bo2 +exec pezbot.cfgor select "pezbot_bo2" in game "Mods" menu.Play!!!

CREDITS:PEZZALUCIFER - CodingATB - CodingLord_Gannondorf - Waypointing / Coding402, AA_Fan6566, AbneyPark, AintNoMeInTeam,BritishBulldog1, Bruc3, Gerhart, Gumpy, INSANE, JamJam11, Kill3r, MasterB, Maks Deryabin, NovemberDobby, OpenWarfare Mod, Patmansan, Sparks, Tally, TL-SpacepiG, Whitsel, WCP, Zeroy.
HOLYMOLY kill confirmed.

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