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Release is available in VK group and on Steam. (Not yet on Moddb but i will upload it as fast as i can)

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Here's the first global update is arrived.

Added new factions and units.

What is new: Dark angels, Eldars (and some balance changes for all others)

A new vehicles for Space Marines - Land Speeders, Thunderfire Canon etc

A new vehicles for the IG - Salamanders, Heavy Turrets.

Also our team is actively looking for testers/texturers and mappers. Don't forget to contact lead developer!


You can download mod on Steam or/and Yandex. Moddb is not done yet..

If you have a previous version of the mod wash it down in the Warp before installing a new version. (IT IS REQUIRED OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE PUNISHED BY INQUISITION AND SLAANESH)


1) Yandex Disk

2) Google Drive Is not Yet available

3) the Torrent is not available

4) Steam Workshop -

Moddb - You are here.
VK -
Steam -

Release is containing new factions like Eldars and Dark Angels.

Also we made new vehicles for existing factions:

SM - Landspeeders, Thunderhawk Cannon, Razorback with new modification, Rhino support vehicle and more.

Screenshot 232

Screenshot 286

IG - Salamanders, Cyclops and heavy turrets.

Screenshot 258

Screenshot 259

Eldars - New weapons, Fire Prism, Falcon tank.

244450 screenshots 2017112212470

We will edit this article after we upload new version, but you can grab one here - (NO ENGLISH LOCALISATION OR BOTS ARE AVAILABLE YET)


Praise the Omnissiah

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Glory to the Empire!!!

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I would like to join as a mapper .

I know pretty much i need to know about w40k (spacemarines etc) and i done 2 maps with UWM

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