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Sadly I have had to delay the games release by a few days...

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Ah... BUGS! That word is not considered vulgar nor is it considered lewd or rude... But it should be! It should be up there with the "C" word and the "F" word in bad-ass-ness! Why? Well, I was giving my current project a final playthrough the other day just to make sure that there were no problems and that everything works correctly when it happened... a BUG! And not just a minor "open code box and change a variable" variety, no. A "dirty great impossible to kill even with napalm" game breaking bug!!!!

Oh, BUG! (see? Say it loud enough and it sounds mean...)

Actually there are two of them but they are related so (hopefully!) fixing one will fix the the other too. I won't go into the gory details, but due to a change in the level system (I added some new levels and changed how they are reached) I have broken the Level Select menu meaning that there are now a few levels that you can NEVER play... this is then an issue with the Bonus areas as they now point to the wrong level when they are completed. Great! Two bugs for the price of one...

The good news is that I know how to fix them and although it needs a hefty re-write of the level select menu, it is not a complex task and should be done sometime today, which then leaves me another couple of days to re-check everything before releasing it.

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