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Pokémon Campaign is finally coming out. Watch the trailer here.

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I'm happy to inform you that after another year-long delay, Pokémon Campaign is finally nearing completion. Please see the trailer below for more:

I'm so sorry for the absurd delays on this project. Last summer, just before its projected release date, the .fla file for Pokémon Campaign and all of its backups became corrupted and Flash refused to export the game. I was faced with the decision of either rebuilding it with the existing assets (just to potentially have it crash again), or to scrap it entirely. Then, by some miracle, Flash found a way to get it working again a few months ago. I've been hard at work ever since, but am only revealing this information now because I didn't want to disappoint anybody if it were to fail again. But it is nearing completion now, and I'm confident in a release date this coming month.

I'll see you all June 21st.

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