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The conditions with which "the mines" demo will be available to download from this page :D

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I have decided that all the followers of this mod have been waiting patiently...too patiently... so, to clear my conscience I will create and release "the mines demo" when 1/3 of the mod is finished, this WILL exclude all custom models and the boss to come.
The reason for this is just to give you guys a taste of the mod and for anyone that wants to know what it's like, and when the actual version comes out, you guys can play through the same levels but edited and with new models, new weapons and much much more!

I will begin to get the demo together when the second chapter is completed, so the demo will consist of 8 levels out of 20, a good lengthy demo!

Ok, until next time guys!

Mr.Walrus - - 5,806 comments

Sounds awesome! And thank god you didnt put a release date down, or else the curse of unproductivity wouldve fallen upon you.

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Black_garuga Author
Black_garuga - - 138 comments

too right!

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weasle - - 315 comments


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