Information about updates and game release date. 31.7.2017

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Hello.This is a new post about game release date.
I am expecting to release game at 31.7 2017 or 15.8 2017
This release will contain the main story,with 3 game levels.Soon i will release 2 updates.

The first update will contain an co op mode and multiplayer.Some arenas to battle with enemies and more.[This update will be release short after full release]

The second update will contain an open map with various quests and wepaons to use.Also game can be finished here. [This update will be released somwhere in August]

I will make lots of updates,you know bugfixes and etc.I am trying to fix all bugs with my testers,but bugs are evrywhere.I hope,you will like the game,and thank you all for your support :)

WIH Developement team and John Sebek himself

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