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Release and Source files of "Stonne" plus some more information about the map.

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Well I can't believe it, I've made more CoD2 single player maps - and this time with a lot more scripting. I have to thank SPi greatly for his scripting advice which finally made me understand and not be afraid of scripting anymore, Mch2207Cz for the awesome Panzer texture and helping me make friendlies respawn, and NobleRanger for his fantastic German voiceovers. Because of all this, "Stonne" is a lot more involved than my simple first map "Frost". I've managed to incorporate friendly German AI, moving vehicles, more complex objectives, and colorgroups/fiendlychains. With this knowledge I can go no to create better maps in the future. As for now, I hope you enjoy the maps and here's to another year of waiting for what comes next...

I hope you all enjoy playing the maps; I've also attached the source files for modders to use if they like. Map installation and other information is inside the README text file with the map. Feel free to give criticism or suggestions about my map(s). Thank you, and enjoy!

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