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Star Dancer has recently been released on the Android platform and is hoping to gain some players to enjoy its epic space battles and strategic gameplay.

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Star Dancer's development began in January 2015 with the idea of at first making an on the rails shooter similar to the old Namco StarBlade Arcade Cabinet game.

As the limitations of the interface became apparent a strategy game was formed instead. Although listed as real time strategy it is a kind of mix between WEGO Turn Based and Real Time strategy - in fact the actual genre of strategy defies categorisation.

The game features 5 factions who can be played against each other in a multiplayer map based campaign - much like the board game Risk but where battles are resolved as 3d action packed cinematic space battles.

A key feature and tactical option in the game is the ability to set the behaviour of your fleet's ships using sliders that determine who and how they target enemy ships.

The game features no in app purchases or advertising in either the free or paid versions with the main difference between free and paid being extra features available in the paid version (namely extra players/factions). This game returns to its developer's old school values when it comes to game playing.

Enjoy and may your battles be epic.

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